Top 5 Things to Put in your Gear Bag Right Now

We've all been there. You show up ready to skate, feeling good, and then you realize it... you forgot that thing!

Don't let it take you out of the game! Put these 5 common items in your skate bag and you'll be ready for anything*. You might even save a teammate's day!

*almost anything

Skate Tool

    There are lots of skate tools on the market but there are two all-in-one tools that we at Get Your Bearings Skate Shop recommend either the Y3 or Y4 tool. Fun fact: Y-tools are called that because they are shaped like the letter "Y"!

    To know which tool you need, you'll have to look at your plates. The Y3 is designed for plates that use a nut to secure the toe stop. The Y4 is designed for plates that use an wrench to secure the toe stop.

    skate tool for roller skates

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    Extra Laces

    Laces break! Sometimes it happens during games, like that time that Amelia replaced top level jammer, Luna Negra's, skates during a pivotal moment in a Rat City vs London roller derby game. For extra durability we recommend getting a lace with a waxy coating that makes it less susceptible to snapping.

    waxed hockey laces skating

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    Spare Mouth guard

    It happens more than you'd think: a skater shows up for an important game or practice and doesn't have their mouth guard. You could save yourself or a teammate by having a spare in your bag! 

    SISU mouth guards are low profile and quick to mold, perfect for leaving in your bag until the day you really need it. 

    SISU teal mouth guard

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    Extra Socks

    This is super helpful, especially for anyone that likes to wear day shoes that do not require socks. Inevitably you (or a teammate) will show up, look down, and realize that you don't have socks on your feet! Bonus points for cat socks or other fun patterns but really the most important thing is keeping a pair similar to those you regularly wear to skate.

     sock it to me rainbow socks

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    Roller skating is a physical activity which means you need to fuel your body. Stuff a couple snacks in your bag for those extra busy days. We recommend something quick and easy like a granola bar or trail mix. You'll thank yourself someday.


    Happy rolling!


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