3 Ways to Use Your Iridium Visor Helmet

With the updated visor requirements by the WFTDA Risk Management Committee, you may be wondering how to use your iridium visor. We've got you covered!

1) Skate in the sunshine

Do you like to hit up the skate park or trails in the summer? Does your league play or practice outside? Then consider using your iridium visor to save you on the sunglasses. 

2) Check your league's requirements

Not every league is a WFTDA league and not every league needs to follow game sanctioning requirements. This is a great opportunity to look at your league's safety policies and see if they need any updating or not.

3) Wear all the gear, all the time

Stay safe out there. We recommend trying your helmet out at the office, because computers crash a lot. 

iridium visor roller derby meme

Bonus: Order a clear visor

If you are playing roller derby with a team that requires the switch to transparent visors, you can pick up a replacement visor at Get Your Bearings Skate Shop. Skate safe out there!

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