Come learn about our Consignment Program!

Hello Skating Enthusiasts, 

We all share a love of roller skating, whether it's for the competitive thrill or the relaxing release but, we all know there can be stress in the details of our hobby. Skate set ups alone can range anywhere from $150 to over $500 due to material differences, fit, look, customization, performance etcetera. We as a shop and community are aware of these prices and we want to support new, growing and skaters on a budget. This takes us into our Consignment Program!

We have made a program for skaters to bring in there fully set up used skates and be able to reach the audience of GYBSS. This allows your used skates to have a new home and for you to get some revenue from the sale. We offer a 50% direct payout to you when your skates sell or a 60% payout via a GYBSS gift card. Your skates price is determined by you, the seller. We will be display your skates on our website & facebook for buyers to view online and our staff will help the sale in-store.

The skates we are happy to work with must have:

*A boot and attached plates

*Both toe stops


*One set of wheels that can be put on the skates

We would like to ask that the seller does not bring extra sets/parts like wheels that can't be attached to skates all at the same time. When displayed the buyers may not be able to see all that is connected with the package. We are happy to have any add-ons that are attached to the skates (toe caps, pom-poms or lace in add-ones ect) as they can be displayed properly to our buyers!

We have our Consignment Policy in store for more detailed information. We are happy to run through these details in store and encourage you to ask any questions you may have!

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