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We'll Help You Keep Your Gear Rolling!

You don't need an appointment to bring your gear in. Drop on by and we'll gladly help you out. Some services might require you dropping your gear off for a few days, feel free to give us a call or email us with questions and we can help you plan ahead.

(206) 257-5484 - during open hours

info@getyourbearingsskate.com - available 24/7

As of August 2023 - we are cashless in store!

We accept all debit, credit, and apple pay. We also accept ShopPay, MetaPay, PayPal, and GPay online.

Mounting Rates

Mounting Rates with purchase of Boot and/or Plate:

  • $50 - Standard (7 days)*
  • $75 - Rush (3 days)*
  • $25 - Plate Removal/Unmount

Mounting Rates without purchase of Boot and/or Plate:

  • $75 - Standard (7 days)*
  • $100 - Rush (3 days)*
  • $25 - Plate Removal/Unmount

Custom Mounting Rates*:

  • $100 - Plate purchased in store (any non-standard skate boot)
  • $125 - Plate not purchased in store
  • Custom Mount details:
    • Insoles need to be completely removed from boots
    • 7 day turn-around
    • Metal insoles required (not included but available for purchase in store

*Plate Removal not included in Standard, Rush or Custom Mounting. All prices subject to change based on boot & plate.

Endless possibilities for your new setup!




Labor, Maintenance, & Repair Rates

$25 - Removal of Plate for Repairs

            (Toe Stop Housing or King Pin Removal)

$25 - Replace Mounting Hardware

$15 - Removal of open ball bearings

$15 - Replace Trucks & Cushions

$10 - Heat Molding (first time free)

$5 - Bearing & Wheel Installation or Change

$5 - Cushions/Bushings Change

$5 - Toe Cover Installation

$TBD - Unknown issue to be reviewed and repaired on site.  

Repairs & Maintenance take 2-4 days depending on severity. Prices subject to change based on severity of issue and tools needed to repair.

Contact us for more information.