Bearing Check: Amelia's Skate Set-Up

Amelia learned to skate roller derby in 2014 bringing an ice figure skating background. Amelia is passionate about getting folks set up with gear they love and that works for them. That might stem from her classic rookie mistake of ordering skates that were 3 sizes too big.

You bet her skates fit like a glove now! Here's what she is rolling on:

Seattle Blue Streaks Roll-Line

Boot: Riedell Blue Streak

"I like as little between my foot and my boot as possible. The Blue Streak is two pieces of soft leather that gives me a close fit without sacrificing comfort."

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Plate: Roll-Line Mistral

"It's pretty! It's also responsive, precise, and light. At the time, it was the only company offering an oversized toe stop. Now there is the Superball which was a game changer for U.S. threaded plates."

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Wheels: Presto 93s

"I like the rigid urethane for my stops. The whole surface of the wheel responds the same. I also hate breaking in new wheels and these have been rolling great for 4 or 5 years now."

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Toe Stops: Roll-Line Hockey 

"They are large and stable. I love the oversized footprint; when I'm on my toe stops I have complete control."

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"Seriously, I can't believe I've had this set up for as long as I've had." Having confidence in your gear is essential, it's why Get Your Bearings Skate Shop exists.

Come on in to the shop and try on boots, talk plates, or grab a set of toe stops.

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