220 Boot Only

220 Boot Only

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297 Colorlab Note that most of these sizes we don't have in stock-we will have to order. Feel free to reach out to know which sizes we have in stock ready to go.

The Riedell Model 220 Retro is made from high-quality leather and offers great support, flexibility and comfort. The boot features leather uppers with a comfortable split leather lining. The ankle padding and reinforced quarters provide great support needed for jumps. The 220 Retro is a great entry-level artistic roller skating boot.


The Riedell Model 220 Retro Boot Features:

  • Leather upper
  • Split leather lining
  • Ankle padding
  • Reinforced quarters
  • Sponge tongue lining
  • Color: available in Black or White
  • Available sizes: 
    • White: 4–10 Full and Half sizes, Narrow, Medium, and Wide Widths
      • Size 11 available in Medium Width only
    • Black: 4–13 Full and Half sizes, Narrow, Medium, and Wide Widths
      • Size 14 available in Medium Width only

 Hand Made in the U.S.A. by Riedell!

 *This boot can be made in custom colors fro an extra $160 and a 8-12 week wait time. Pease use the Riedell 297 colorlab PDF* 

Riedell 297 Colorlab PDF

*If interested in ordering this boot please email us at contact@getyourbearingsskate.com :) 

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