Special Edition LoRide Golds
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Special Edition LoRide Golds

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Limited Edition GOLD is now available. Sure-Grip is proud to introduce a brand new skate plate, The LoRide. One of the most innovative skating plates we have ever developed, truly one of a kind. Designed and produced in our facility in California. Three different hanger sizes make each skate unique, allowing the skater to choose how low the skate will be depending on the wheel size. Below is a recommendation for wheel sizes based on hanger choice. 

No Riser -       32mm - 37mm 

Small Riser -   32mm - 47mm 

Large Riser -   32mm - 57mm 

Three different assembly bolts will fit each hanger setup accordingly. Hanger is installed during mounting and plate would need to be removed and reattached if you decide to change hanger size. 


All parts and tools are included with purchase

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