Radar Crush
Radar Crush

Radar Crush

Regular price $49.00

Sold in a half set of 4 wheels

Hardness: 84a (Lavender) 88a (Seafoam)

Height: 48mm

Width: 31mm

Radar Crush is the first and only wheel designed specifically for outdoor roller dance. Manufactured in the USA, the Crush wheels offer a dazzling combination of control and feel. At 48mm tall, transitions, spins, and crazy legs are easy and fast. High rebound 84A (Lavender) and 88A (Seafoam) formulas offer versatility for all types of outdoor surfaces. Sold in packs of four wheels. To order a full set of wheels, be sure to set your quantity to two.

Disclaimer: Due to the size and ground clearance of the Crush wheel, it may not be compatible with all non-PowerDyne branded plates. See FAQs tab below for more information.

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