Moco Pro Holythane Conicals
Moco Pro Holythane Conicals
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Moco Pro Holythane Conicals

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Moco's first-ever Signature Pro Wheel is tailor-made for mastering those crunchy streets. Crafted with the iconic Holythane formula, these wheels offer the perfect blend of grip and durability, making them the ultimate choice for any terrain.

Designed in Moco's preferred conical shape, these 53mm wheels strike an ideal balance between stability and versatility. With a hardness of 99a, they're tough enough to handle the hardest hits but soft enough to give you that flawless ride every skater craves.

Get them to shred the streets or purchase them as a collectors item. These wheels come in packs of four. 

Roller skaters, remember: to complete your set-up in style, you'll need two packs for a full set of eight wheels.

Each purchase not only gears you up with top-notch wheels but also supports Moco directly, as she receives royalties from every sale. Grab your set today and make your mark with the same swagger and spirit as Moco!

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