Mini Stopper Jam Plug

Mini Stopper Jam Plug

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MINISTOPPER for Dance and Jam in Natural Rubber
Thread Types Available:   Metric (White) and US Threads (Natural)
        (Please Specify Color and/or Thread type when Ordering)
        The Ministopper have a metal Threaded Stem
Colors Available:   Natural (also sometimes called Brown or Amber) are the US Threads, White are the Metric Threads
Abrasion:   5 Star
Grip:   5 Star
Resiliency:   6 Star

The Roll-Line MINISTOPPER are the BEST choice for MINI Stops for ALL Levels of Dance and Jam Skaters . The Ministopper available from use an imbedded metal stud to mate with the frame properly. The MINI Stoppers have all of the very good characteristics needed in Toe Stops, Abrasion, Grip, and Resiliency, all 5 and 6 Star performance.

The Roll-Line MINISTOPPER are available in both Metric (in White) and US Threads (in Natural). All Roll-Line Frames have Metric Toe Stop Threads. ATLAS, Snyder, and Sure Grip use US Threads.

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