HoneyB Slidez

HoneyB Slidez

Regular price $149.00

This wheel is sold in a full 8 pack


Height: 34mm

Width: 26mm wide with a 22mm contact surface 

This 34mm diameter super hard phenolic wheel is the perfect balance of a smooth roll and sideways slide.

The HoneyB Slidez showcase a unique fiber grain across the wheel which creates a buttery smooth glide along the skate floor like you’ve never experienced before. The grain direction ensures you gain improved traction and increased speed when moving forward, while enhancing your speed when you change direction to slide. 

Specifically engineered with a 45 degree skate plate in mind, this wheel is meant for indoor use on a wood or polished concrete floor for maximum performance and longevity. Not recommended for outdoor use.  

Worried about clearance?, The angled edge “chamfer” on the inside of the wheel is designed to give you the space you need. The HoneyB Slidez wheel is large enough for comfortable acceleration, yet small enough to keep your spins and slides as responsive as possible.  

HoneyB Slidez have no paper faces, resulting in chip and flake free aging, allowing your wheels to keep a nice clean look over time.

Disclaimer: Due to size and plate clearance the HoneyB Slidez wheels work best with 45 degree plates, specifically with the Sure Grip LoRide. They may not be compatible with other plates. 

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