Cherry Stone Slipper Socks
Cherry Stone Slipper Socks
Cherry Stone Slipper Socks
Cherry Stone Slipper Socks
Cherry Stone Slipper Socks

Cherry Stone Slipper Socks

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Meet our new luxurious blend of Angora and Merino Wool CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks!  They are very durable by the material characteristics themselves, and last longer.  Merino wool, which is a moisture-wicking material, keeps your feet dry all day long.  With Angora blend, they are remarkably silky, soft and fluffy even after washing them.  Thanks to the natural characteristics of angora and wool, and also the lightness and form-fitting nature of other material blend, these slipper socks are so warm in the winter yet breathable in the summer. They make you comfortable all season long!

Their soles are covered with small but secure and subtle grips.  The tiny dots that you don’t feel on your feet are covered on the whole sole preventing you from slipping.  Choose from 7 chic colors and stylish trim combinations and keep your feet cozy and comfy!  They make excellent gifts!

Angora and Merino Wool Blend CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks are completed with an embroidery pattern of triangles around the sock opening resembling the clamshell called the cherrystone which makes this product so unique and special!

Please note that the embroidered trim part of each pair is slightly different due to its handmade nature.


What makes Angora and Wool Blend CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks so special?

Each one is handmade by a craftsman-

The embroidery pattern of triangles along the sock opening is done by a special sewing machine, which a craftsman uses to embroider each sock one by one.  After embroidering with the sewing machine, the craftsman finishes the distinctive shell pattern by knitting the rest by hand.

Comfortable inner pile fabric-

CHERRYSTONE® socks have thick and dense inner piles for excellent cushioning.  This pile fabric blend contains 17% angora and 17%  Merino wool to keep your feet warm and comfortable from the moment you put them on.

Tips to make your favorite socks last longer

Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low (Recommend hand wash.) When pilling occurs, use scissors or fabric remover to remove it. Do not pull on fibers to remove them.

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