Bunga Toe Caps

Bunga Toe Caps

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The Bungapads Toe Caps with fabric shell will protect the entire finger, toe and their related nails with a comfortable elastic cap. These elastic fabric caps are lined with a medical grade triblock polymer gel. These caps are comfortable and safe to use against the skin. The caps will protect all sides of the finger and toe, as well as the toe or finger nail against injury and bruising. They will help to lessen shock, vibration, rubbing, pinching, and pressure. They will help to reduce the friction which causes blisters and irritation.

The cap is washable and reusable, hypoallergenic, safe for the skin and made with exquisite care. These are available in small, medium and large. Generally, small is for the baby toe, large is for the big toe and medium is used for the toes in between.

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